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Sell like crazy

How My Students made 7 figures in 2 weeks weeks

Open invitation to all experts, entrepreneurs, consultants, careerists, creators, students and 9-5ers to…

👉🏽 Close massive sales

👉🏽 Generate an automated sales 

👉🏽 Build your influence and live a life of impact and fulfilment.

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Just give me few minutes of your time, and I would show you the step-by-step Sale Hack formula I and my students used to earn over $100k, and how you can use the same strategy to sell your product or skill.

“It is amazing, how the market has transitioned from the traditional market to what we call the online. Ever since this transition happened, sales have been easier than ever before, even though you are not an expert. 

Unlocking sales has no hidden secrets, it is just to get plugged into the systems and patterns that make it works.

A lot of persons has gambled with this, trying to play with options to sell and in the end, they get frustrated.


One of the greatest and potent social media tools that have been tried and tested having created massive sales and at the same time have been able to retain mutual relationships between customers and sellers is…

…not Facebook, not Instagram, not email marketing, but the amazing WhatsApp. This is basically because of its high organic reach and its ability to quickly convert strangers to customers.

“All this might sound familiar, but trust me, you are yet to unlock the Sales converting power”


Statistically speaking, As of March 2020, WhatsApp had two billion monthly active users and 80% of WhatsApp Users opens their WhatsApp chat first thing in the morning before other social platforms.

In Marketing, we do advise our clients to take their product to the market close to the people. This strategy made me make 7 figures continuously. And I am about to teach you just this.

I am about to share raw practical sections on how you can either boost your revenue

⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️

This training will REVEAL winning strategies to help you earn from your comfort zone, but if you don’t want that, please stop reading NOW!


In this training, you would learn: 

  • The Concept of Social Media (The Algorithm War) – Why many businesses and skilled persons are finding it difficult to break through the online market, despite their effort. 
  • The Dynamics of WhatsApp
  • The Marketing hack
  • 100/99 rule against the 100/1 rule
  • The M.S.T Strategy to earn 7-figures monthly
  • The WhatsApp Marketing tool Hacks (This is where the juice is 😉)
  • And lots more.
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Sell like crazy
👉AND 👈  
The system is easy to replicate, you do not need to be a ‘marketing expert’ to execute and get results for yourself! 🤳
This comprehensive, no-fluff training is for you if:

– You’re a consultant/expert who is very knowledgeable but has been able to explore the online space to close massive

– You’re an entrepreneur who needs to boost his/her product sales and automate continuous sales.

– A 9-5er who has wanted to create an extra revenue stream.

Gabriel J. Nissim


  • Ruthless business and brand Strategist that has helped over 1000 entrepreneurs across all strata of businesses around the globe
  •  A coach and trainer, ambitious wealth accelerator
  • Multiple 7-figure launch strategist
  • A leading strategist at Nissim the organization
  • A venture capitalist and investor 
  • A Co-founders to numerous firms across Africa.
In case you are wondering if this training would be worth your time, take a look at what people have to say about my strategies
Sell like crazy

DISCLAIMER: This training will offer actionable steps to GET BES. This is not a ‘get-rich-quick scheme.